Listen Up Middle School Self

If I was given the option to go back in time and do middle school again…I would laugh and say absolutely no way-no how! The middle school years are just this awkward phase of brain growth verses body changes. However, I wish I knew then what I know now about life and what matters most. That is the beauty of having children; we get to try to remember being their age and lead them in a way to walk a step ahead of where we were at during those days.

Here are four things I tell my middle school age kids and things I wish I could go back and tell my middle school self.

-Boys at that age can be mean but girls are way meaner. Be nice to everyone but realize that you do not have to be friends with everyone. In elementary grades all the kids like all the kids, but by the time you hit 6th grade, the groups are dividing. It’s a transition to accept that not everyone is your friend. Your best friend today could easily be the person you remove from your Instagram bio and delete all the silly selfies you made by tomorrow. I remind my daughter I expect her to be nice and if someone doesn’t like her–that’s okay.

– Not everyone gets their period by 6th grade. Period. While yes this is a lovely natural cycle of life, it is absolutely not a race. If there is a clique of girls that somehow think they are the bomb because they have theirs, every woman I know would tell them they are crazy. It will come when it comes and for now be glad that is one less thing YOU have to deal with each and every single month.Unless you want your own First Moon Party like thrown by this YouTube Mom, don’t feel left out when it comes to your changing body.

-Don’t let your “squad” define you. Do what you love to do, even if your best friend doesn’t do it with you. My daughter loves cheerleading and drama classes but will try to back out of cheer clinics and auditions if her friends do not sign up with her. Be brave and open to new friends and experiences; it doesn’t mean you will not still have your best friend.

-Boys will tease you and give you nicknames. Ignore them or embrace it and it will take the wind from their sails. I promise they are clueless. My daughter came home crying because the boys started calling her “wheat thin” at school. The bigger her reaction to it, the more it continued. Now that she just laughs it off, and guess what? She hears it less.

Middle school can be rough. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your middle school self?

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