Halloween Costumes for Middles

Let’s face it, Halloween costumes ideas are almost limitless for the toddler and younger kids but middles? Chances are if you go to purchase a costume; they do not fit in the smaller kid sizes. I don’t know about you but I am not okay with my eleven year old daughter being a “sexy” anything, which are likely the only options in her size.

If you scan the Internet there are some great ideas but unless you have hours of time, many require a huge amount of effort or skills I just do not have! Even if you’re not a super-crafty-nothing-but-free-time-Pinterest-wizard, now is the time to break out the scissors and glue gun!

We are passing along some costume ideas in case your middle is still not too cool for trick or treating or has been invited to a costume party that are easy and age appropriate. We promise these can be made even if you are a beginner!

The peacock. This is a combination of the local party supply store and no sew crafting. Buy elastic and measure it to your child’s waistline. Different colors of tulle fabric simply cut into long strips and tied in the middle around the elastic. The mask was a purchased item from the party store.

Elvis is a crazy easy to do fun one. However you might have to explain WHO Elvis actually was to your middles. For this one, search the thrift stores for wide legged pants and any over the top tacky belt. Pair with a men’s white dress shirt, add a colored scarf and some cheese glasses. You can either buy a wig or if you’re a-okay with cleaning your shower from the wash out mess-a bottle or two of that temporary black hair spray from the party store. We had my kiddo do an air guitar windmill when they said “trick or treat” and then a “thank you, thank you very much!” Lip sneer and all.

I adore this idea. Personally I could do without the metallic colored leggings but with a little t-shirt paint a tutu and some wings-social butterflies is sure to be a hit.

When it doubt or for a last minute costume…find your inner nerd. Pin a ‘kick me’ sign on your back and roll with it.

This one I did for my full pledged teen and a friend for a party. This could easily be made a little more conservative with the addition of a shirt and leggings. It would also help keep them warmer! I used a slip simple tank dress and a whole lot of safety pins bubbling the tulle. Bought some rope and tada instant loofas. While this one is not hard…it does take a little time to make.

I think a cat or dog and a vet would also be super easy fun. All kids at one point said they wanted to be veterinarian! Basic pieces equals easy idea that can be used for tweens.

Another idea I am thinking about doing this year is “three blind mice” because my middle wants to team up with her friends. Simple mouse ears headband and a tail combined with black shirt and leggings should do the trick. Add sunglasses and a walking stick and I think it will be an easy breezy group costume!

If you have great costume ideas for middles be sure and let us know–we always love everyone’s creative minds!

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes for Middles

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  2. Hi Lori, here from Janice’s site, mostlyblogging.com
    I’m still too chicken to even try IG.
    Love the peacock!! The loofahs are great, but definitely would have to have the leggings and shirt for me. Ah- social butterflies, now I get it! Clever!

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