About Us

Welcome to Stuck in the Middle! We are just two young  (*cough*) moms, trying to make it through the parenting years without inflicting permanent damage on our kids or ourselves. The middle school and junior high years can be a challenge. We want to be “stuck in the middle” right along with you. We hope our posts are enjoyable as we try to cover practical topics.


Jamie and her crew…

The USA Today version of me is that I am a single mother of four children. My youngest type-A daughter is 11, and my never-gets-a word-in-edgewise son is 14. I have a 15 year-old thrill seeking daughter. My oldest, easy-going daughter is starting her senior year at age 17. I live outside New Orleans where the food is amazing, the culture is like no other and the people are absolutely full of charm. If I had to describe my house, I would say controlled chaos. We are just always on the move.

Lori and her middle, Lawman.

I am twenty-years married to my high school sweetheart and a bona fide hunting widow most of the time. We are raising a wide-slam open four year-old son, an easy-going 12 year-old son, and a sports-obsessed, temperamental 16 year-old daughter. We live on a farm in Virginia, and the kids are true born and raised country kids–riding four-wheelers, playing in the creek when it’s hot, and chasing the cows when they get a little bored.


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